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Steps To Becoming a Nurse

Skilled Nursing Training in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Become a Frontier Health Care Service Nurse | Our Step-By-Step Process

Becoming a FHC travel nurse is relatively simple process. In fact, we’ve narrowed the process down to 10 steps.
Read to learn what step-by-step process to becoming a travel nurse with Frontier Health Care Services entails.

  • Step # 1 Complete an application.
  • Step # 2 Once you’ve completed your application a FHC recruiter will contact you immediately to discuss your qualifications. The questions they will ask you include:

    • What is your area of expertise?
    • What licenses do you hold?
    • What certifications do you hold?
    • How many years of experience do you have?
    • You must be at least 1 – 2 years of recent acute care experience.
    • What locations would you like to travel to?

  • Step # 3 Your recruiter will then discuss the available assignment options and further completion of your file. In order to be considered for any travel nursing assignment you must have a COMPLETE FILE. In addition to your application, you will need to prepare and submit your required documentation. Required documentation includes the following:

    • Application including the Primary Applicant Agreement/Professional Conduct Expectations (valid for one year)
    • I-9 form
    • Two written professional references on a letterhead or a performanceevaluation with one written professional reference (valid for two years)
    • Skills checklists
    • Current physical or physician’s statement within previous 12 months.
    • Hepatitis B documentation (vaccination series of three, titer, booster or signed declination)
    • TB screen within 12 months or chest x-ray current within two years
    • Proof of immunity to Varicella (positive titer or Varivax inoculation)
    • Tetanus within 10 years, or signed declination
    • Clear copies of all current nursing licenses and professional certifications
    • Clear copy of front and back of a current American Heart Association Provider BLS card preferred.
    • Copies of additional resuscitation credentials including ACLS, ENPC, NRP, PALS, TNCC
    • Proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. (i.e. copy of a social security card and driver’s licenses or passport.

  • Step # 4 When your file is complete you will be submitted to three travel nursing assignments of your choice. Your recruiter will discuss the specifications of each assignment.
  • Step # 5 During the time you are discussing your travel nursing assignments options your file will be submitted to our records department. The records department will verify your information and ensure that the file is complete.
  • Step # 6 Once your completed file has been verified, your file will go to a Clinical Services Manager who will review the complete file and gain approval. If any portion of your file is not included, the file will be returned to your recruiter and you will be asked to provide the missing information with 24-48 hours.
  • Step # 7 Once the file is approved a Clinical Services Manager will send your recruiter an offer.
  • Step # 8 Your recruiter will call you with your offer. With your acceptance of the offer, an agreement letter will be emailed or faxed to you. Your recruiter will explain the terms of your agreement letter.
  • Step # 9 Your recruiter will generate a travel sheet for you and make provisions for your transportation and accommodations. An itinerary will be provided, when your travel arrangements have been completed.
  • Step # 10 You are on your way to your travel nursing assignment! Expect a call from your recruiter once you’ve arrived. Your recruiter will remind you about your orientation and instructions on how to complete and submit your time sheets. You can expect a call from your recruiter each week to check in and ensure that you are satisfied with your assignment.