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STNA Classes in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Why Choose Non-Medical Home Care?

What’s so great about health care these days is that it now extends to those who choose to remain in their own homes. Back then, it was difficult for seniors to carry out their daily living activities even with the assistance of their loved ones. Today, seniors can have a high level of care and … Continue reading

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Top 7 Exciting Activities for Seniors Who Age in Place

Is your senior loved one also choosing to spend their aging years at home? It is not surprising. After all, many of us find comfort in the familiar surroundings of our own home. Yet, seniors who stay at home are also at risk of depression. This is a real mental illness that can affect a … Continue reading

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What to Know About Being a Travel Nurse

Have you heard the term “travel nurse”? Are you confused as to how travel nurses are different from other nurses you know? Read on to know more about what a travel nurse is. What is a Travel Nurse? A travel nurse is a nurse who fills the staffing needs of various care facilities within the … Continue reading

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The ULTIMATE Cheat Sheet to Become a TRAVEL NURSE

The opportunities for a travel nurse are great and wide. In our other post, we have listed the exciting perks of the traveling nurse profession. If you have always had wanderlust and have plans to prosper your career in the healthcare industry, we encourage you to attend our STNA/CNA Trainings in Ohio! At FRONTIER HEALTH … Continue reading

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A Clean Set of Nails is a Sign of Good Senior Health

Physical changes are expected manifestations of a senior person’s health. Whether they are robust or unwell, their body will display such signs. However, have you also considered that the changes in their fingernails’ appearances can also indicate that some health problems are hiding under the surface? As your dependable partner when it comes to quality … Continue reading

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