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Top 7 Exciting Activities for Seniors Who Age in Place

Top 7 Exciting Activities for Seniors Who Age in Place

Is your senior loved one also choosing to spend their aging years at home? It is not surprising. After all, many of us find comfort in the familiar surroundings of our own home.

Yet, seniors who stay at home are also at risk of depression. This is a real mental illness that can affect a senior’s overall well-being. Depression can happen to a senior who feels lonely or isolated because they are alone most of the time at home.

As a provider of Home Health Care in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, we encourage you to ensure that your loved one experiences quality companionship every day. For that, here are exciting activities they can do indoors by themselves or with a companion.

  1. Learning a New Hobby
    Who says age is a hindrance to learn something new? Those who are in the retirement years have more time to discover a new hobby. For instance, they will study how to play a musical instrument or how to speak another language. Hobbies activate their minds and prevent boredom.
  2. Doing Exercises
    Thankfully, there are many great exercises that can be done indoors. You can even seek help from physical therapists who can assist you at home. Engaging in an active lifestyle also promotes better health.
  3. Reading
    There are many benefits that reading brings to a senior. For one, it improves their memory. Second, it enhances their imagination. Finally, they can do it by themselves. Ensure that your loved one has great reading materials at home.
  4. Creating Art
    Your aging loved one can also explore painting or drawing to further enhance their creative side. Since doing artwork is exercise for the brain, your loved one also benefits from better cognitive function.
  5. Hosting Visitors
    The more that your aging loved one spends time with their friends, the more that they can feel happy and involved. Let them host their friends at home to boost their mood.
  6. Playing Board Games
    Don’t wait for your senior loved one to ask you to play with them. If you initiate, your senior loved one will feel happier to have you spend time with them. As a result, playing board games help uplift their mood and stimulate their analytical skills.
  7. Watching Movies
    If your aging loved one is up to it, ask them to watch movies with you. However, ensure that you ask their preference first. You would not want them to feel scared or disappointed after watching.

These are just some of our suggestions at FRONTIER HEALTH CARE SERVICES LLC, a provider of STNA/CNA Trainings in Ohio. If you have anything more to add, feel free to leave your comments.

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