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A Clean Set of Nails is a Sign of Good Senior Health

A Clean Set of Nails is a Sign of Good Senior Health

Physical changes are expected manifestations of a senior person’s health. Whether they are robust or unwell, their body will display such signs. However, have you also considered that the changes in their fingernails’ appearances can also indicate that some health problems are hiding under the surface?

As your dependable partner when it comes to quality Home Health Care in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, we have gathered this helpful information about your health status according to your fingernails. Let these items help shed light on your pursuit for quality health and aging in your senior years.

  • Nails that Separate from the Bed

    Nails should be connected to our bodies at the nail bed. However, there can be circumstances when the nails or part of them gets detached from the nail bed. This condition is called onycholysis. While this condition can be easily resolved in months, it can still help when you know the real cause. Some of the known causes of this condition include:

    • Nail injury
    • Thyroid illness
    • Poor blood circulation
    • Psoriasis (a skin disease)
    • Lupus or any other connective tissue disorder
    • Allergy
  • Yellowish Nails

    When your nails have also turned yellowish or approximately that hue, it can be caused by any of the following conditions:

    • Respiratory illnesses such as tuberculosis and sinusitis
    • Swelling due to the blockage of the lymphatic system
    • Yellowish appearance caused by declining liver function
    • Fungal infections
  • Spoon-like Nails

    Some nails can get to look like spoons, with the characteristic scoop able to accommodate at least a drop of fluid. With this condition, the following causes are associated:

    • Iron-deficiency or anemia
    • Excessive iron
    • Systemic lupus
    • Rheumatic fever
  • Club-like Nails

    The nails can appear club-like when their nail bed elevates. One can also notice the enlargement of the tips of the fingernails. This condition is caused by any of the following:

    • Low oxygen levels in the blood
    • Liver disease
    • Celiac disease
    • Bowel disease
    • Heart ailment
  • Opaque-looking Nails

    A person’s nails are looking white and suspiciously unhealthy. This can happen because of the following causes:

    • Lack of proper nutrition
    • Congestive heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney failure
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Iron deficiency or anemia

If you want to be certain about how these manifestations can affect your loved one’s health, our team can accompany you for a checkup. Our care providers are well-trained in providing quality health care because of the STNA/CNA Classes in Reynoldsburg, Ohio that we provide.

At FRONTIER HEALTH CARE SERVICES LLC, you can trust that your overall wellbeing is what we’re always after. We will provide you with the care services that you need according to your specific considerations. If you’re also inclined to pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, we can also provide you with quality STNA/CNA Training in Ohio. Just inquire from us about the schedule. Do remember to pass this good message on!

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