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5 Characteristics to Put into Practice CPR Training

5 Characteristics to Put into Practice When You’re with Someone Who Is Developmentally Disabled

Have you ever met somebody with a developmental disability? If you haven’t, do you wonder about what characters to rightly display when you get to encounter one?

Many people tend to look at those with a developmental disability as tough individuals to deal with, perhaps because of the nature of their condition. Developmental disability is known as a group of chronic conditions that begin during the person’s developmental stage and usually lasts throughout their lifetime. The disability comes to life because of a physical or mental impairment. Some common developmental disabilities worldwide include:

  • Autism
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Hearing impairment
  • Vision impairment

People with the disability ought to be treated with extra care and caution, as their discomforts and incapacities can be far worse than any other human being. Whenever you encounter this type of person, remembering to display the following characters will do you a lot of favor:

  • Respectfulness

    A disability shouldn’t make the person feel less about themselves. Whatever the type of disability, treat the person with respect to how you would do so to anyone else. Do not make fun of the person or use their condition as a subject for gossip. Show them some confirmation that they are accepted and valued where they are at.

  • Courteousness

    Be unconditionally friendly and welcoming, rather than studying the person from head to toe. Do not be greedy with your polite greetings and friendly gestures. Display good manners and sincere concern for their ease.

  • Servant-Heart

    Be quick and glad to offer assistance should you need to open a door for the person or help carry a weighty object. If the person has troubles walking a distance, you can also walk them to their destination. Whatever things they could not do on their own, find joy in serving the needy.

  • Patience

    Persons with a developmental disability may not be able to communicate normally. Be patient when you engage in a conversation with them. Strive to be more understanding. Prepare your heart for possible repetitions, silent responses, or topics different from what you were originally brought up. Look for other effective ways to bridge the communication gap. Most importantly, keep your cool.

  • Sensitivity

    Be sensitive to the felt and unspoken needs of the person. Be tactful with your every word and careful with your every move. Widen your vision and be observant for any need of the moment. At once, center your attention on the person’s welfare.

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